Women of Grace Registration 2020-2021

Fall session begins Wednesday September 16th, 2020

  • General Information

  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians Study

    With all of the chaos in the world today what a joy we get to study the one true God who is always constant and never changing through His Word. The Church in Thessalonica was living in a time of intense persecution. We will see so much about the heart of the Lord towards this Church (and to us!), through the Apostle Paul as he calls them to faithfully endure until the Lord’s coming. We are so excited to roll out our new lessons, written by our own GLC leaders, and scripture memory plan. We hope these tools will help you to dig deep into the Word and cause you to know, love, and worship Christ more fully to the glory of God the Father. Join us as we study and memorize 1 & 2 Thessalonians! Morning and Evening Studies available.

    This fall we have two study options. Please check your preferred option below. We ask that you commit to only one study so that the groups of both the ladies and children remain consistent.

  • Study #1

    Wednesday Mornings | 9:30am - 11:30am at the church

  • Toddler, preschool and homeschool rooms are available. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to offer childcare for those under the age of 2. Please keep your little ones with you in the study or consider study #2.

  • Childcare and Home School Rooms for Study #1 Only

    Please bring a nut-free snack for children of all ages. Let us know if your child has any allergies or anything else we should be aware of.
  • Child's NameBirthdayAllergies / Comments 
  • Child's NameBirthdayAllergies / Comments 
  • Child's NameBirthdayAllergies / Comments 
    Please bring 1 hour of school work for children in the home school room. *Please indicate with an asterisk if child is available to assist in the childcare program (ages 10+).

  • Study #2

    Wednesday Evenings | 7:00pm - 8:30pm at the church

    No childcare is available, but nursing babies are welcome.

Any questions can be emailed to womenofgrace@gracelife.ca