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Our fervent desire and steadfast commitment is to have a biblically sound church whereby the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is preached. Our intention is to operate on Scriptural principles and guidelines that control how we function both as individuals and as a church. Our aim is not to please men, nor follow worldly practices; rather, we aim to please our Lord and Master, the Head of the church, Jesus Christ.

We believe without reservation that the Scriptures are the word of God. They are inerrant (without error) and infallible (incapable of leading astray). The Scriptures speak with authority in all matters, and our desire is to submit to that authority.

Location & Mailing Address

51529A – Range Road 262
Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1B3

Sunday Services

First Service 9:00am
Second Service 11:30am



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