Welcome! Our goal is to help our church family become true disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching God’s Word with age appropriate curriculum.

Age-Groups & What we’re working through currently

Pastor Mike | Series on Prayer

Board books by Carine Mackenzie on the character of God.

Read Aloud Bible Stories books by Ella K. Lindvall.

Brad B.& Mitchell W. | “He Has Spoken Through His Son”

Julie R. & Andrew B. | “Generations of Grace”

Greg H. & Anthony B. | “Generations of Grace”

Brendan & Ashley W. | “My Purpose Will Stand”

Dorothy W. & Andre S. | Acts

Rod S. & Carson L. | Attributes of God

If you have questions about how you can become a Christian,
or want help in knowing how to live the Christian life, please write to:

GraceLife Church of Edmonton
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or E-mail us at office@gracelife.ca or study the material on our web site.