Preaching and Teaching in Armenia

Hovig and Sveta Bajanian are missionaries to the country of Armenia. The country of Armenia is located between Turkey and Azerbaijan and Georgia on the north. Armenia has seen much conflict in the past and in more recent events with its neighbors and suffered much by the effects of these conflicts. Hovig and his wife Sveta are both of Armenia descent and have a love for this country which caused them to want to return to serve them. For many years, Hovig has pastored churches in Canada, but now has returned to Armenia to establish a TMAI (The Masters Academy International) training center . Hovig will be working alongside churches and church leaders to teach and train men for the work of preaching and pastoral ministry. He also plans to help with translating many helpful Biblical resources into Armenian which is a very unique language. Gracelife is pleased to partner with Hovig and his family as they serve the country of Armenia for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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